Crafting a Legacy

In the vast stretches of Colorado's northeastern plains, the story of Colorado Craft Beef runs deep, tracing back over a century. Fueled by the promise of the Enlarged Homestead Act in 1917, Kara Smith's great, great grandfather settled into these semi-arid terrains, laying a foundation marked by resilience and foresight. 

Today, Kara Smith carries forward this legacy, guiding Colorado Craft Beef into new horizons. Leading the charge, she remains steadfast in intertwining environmental sustainability with cherished land stewardship practices. With a commitment to offering the finest direct-to-consumer beef, Kara ensures that every step resonates with intentionality and care. 

Through five generations, Colorado Craft Beef stands tall, harmoniously weaving tradition with innovation. It serves as a beacon, inspiring both customers and ranchers to embrace enduring American values and forge a legacy rooted in respect, tradition, and progress. 

Nature’s Intentionality

Nestled on vast acres, our headquarters are a stone's throw from where our ancestors once settled. Here, the land thrives with wild grasses and seasonal forage, giving our cattle space to roam and fostering a deep connection with the local wildlife and surroundings. Our commitment runs deep—it's not just about the land. With smart grazing methods and tapping into the power of sun and wind, we're all about keeping things balanced and intentional. 

Heritage of the American West

Deeply rooted in the storied traditions of the American West, Colorado Craft Beef seamlessly blends time-honored practices with modern stewardship. Embracing a bygone era, all cattle operations are skillfully executed on horseback—a testament to our commitment to minimizing stress on both the livestock and the pristine landscape. While our cattle form a cornerstone of ranch life, our pride extends to the harmonious coexistence with a diverse array of wildlife, including deer, antelope, coyotes, and a myriad of wild birds. 

The ranch emblematize more than just quality; it encapsulates a legacy of dedication, integrity, and American values. As custodians of this rich heritage, our mission transcends the present, aiming to instill these timeless values in future generations. Through intentional practices, reverence for nature, and unwavering commitment, we ensure that the spirit of the American West thrives, inspiring both current and future stewards of this cherished land.