Colorado Craft Beef

The Colorado Craft Beef brand resides at the Double Slash N Ranch which is nestled in the Colorado Sand Hills about fifteen miles north of Akron, Colorado. Our location provides more than 5,000 acres of lush summertime forage for our cattle to roam. Dedicated to sustainability and being environmentally conscious, we conserve the natural resources Coloradans have been blessed with by closely monitoring stocking densities and using solar and wind energy for cattle watering systems.

Heavily rooted in tradition, all cattle work at the // N is done on horseback, reducing the stress on the cattle and the landscape. Though ranchers, horses, and cattle make up a large portion of the population of the ranch, we’re proud to share the ranch with extensive wildlife including deer, antelope, coyotes, and wild birds, among others. The // N Brand remains devoted to the Colorado quality and principles our customers have come to expect.

The Family Behind the Brand

Double Slash N was officially homesteaded in 1917 by 5th generation rancher, Kara Smith’s great, great grandfather during the Enlarged Homestead Act of 1909. The family settled on a 320-acre half-section just a half mile from the Colorado Craft Beef headquarters; where the company was founded and currently operates.

The ranch now encompasses over 5,000 acres and has been in operation for over 100 years. The // N Ranch is and always will be a family business. We are committed to building relationships with our suppliers and customers alike. We take pride in having lasting relationships within the beef cattle industry and providing our customers with a quality product Colorado, and all who enjoy our craft beef, can be proud of.

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