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Whether our beef is grass-fed, grass-finished or craft, we take careful steps to make your entire beef experience unique and flavorful starting before the calves are born. We do this by working closely with our cow calf producer partners to craft an animal that is best suited for our environment and program. Focusing on genetic selection, targeted nutrition, health & well-being, and low stress handling through all phases of life to craft a beef product that starts and ends with the consumer in mind.

We work with producers and processors through the entire life cycle (this can range from 17-24 months of age) to allow these ruminants to naturally convert grasslands and products that aren’t viable human resources into a high quality delicious protein source to provide nutrition for you and your family.

Finishing Ingredients:

All finishing ingredients are locally sourced from farmers or partners in the grain or food processing industry. The only exception is the grass, which is from our ranch and our local cow calf partners’ ranches. Colorado Craft Beef focuses on the utilization of reclaimed products from other industries to practice a more ecological process for our partners, our community, and us.


Nutrient-rich and decidedly lean, grass-finished cattle have been on a strict forage diet throughout life.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed improves the health of the cattle, while resulting in a spike of the “good fats” being produced. Omega 3 fatty acids are also proven with flax.


Seasonal options can range from pumpkins and peaches to specialty roasted feeds, and reclaimed products from processing industries (sunflowers, peas, beans, potato waste, carrot waste). We are able to recycle products that would otherwise be considered waste, to craft a desirable, nutritious product.


Craft beef can use many different types of ingredients to achieve a high-protein product, including items considered waste by other industries. Reclaimed products from grain processing operations, and specialty roasted feeds are just some of the products Colorado Craft Beef can use to develop craft beef in limited seasonal batches each year.

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Grass-fed, grass-finished beef is nutrient-rich, with eight times more vitamin B12, six times more zinc, and three times more iron than a skinless chicken breast. Additionally, grass-fed beef contains a richer amount of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins like Vitamin E. Our grass-finished and craft beef are the perfect ingredients to many delicious meals you will feel great about serving to your family.

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