Frequently Asked Questions


If a small group would like to get together and purchase a whole cow, would it be more economical, and can you separate it between them?
Yes, it would be more economical, and yes, it can be separated. Once the beef is purchased, we will work with a contact person to divide the beef exactly how the group wants it. See our bulk beef details for more information.
How will my beef be packaged?

Each cut of beef comes boxed, hand-cut and individually vacuum-packed. We will work closely with you to ensure the beef cuts that you receive best suit you and your family.

Can I customize an order?

We would be happy to work with you to customize an order the best we can based on current product availability. Please contact us to talk through options that will work best for you and your family.

Will all cuts be the same size?

No. Each individual cut of beef varies in size as each one is hand-cut. Our premium steak packages typically come with 2 steaks in each package and weigh ~0.90-1.5 lbs total. Our secondary steak cuts come one to a package and weigh ~1-3 lbs. Our standard ground beef packages are individually vacuum packed in 1 lb packages. Our standard roast sizes vary from 1.5-2.5 lbs.

What's the difference between boxes and bulk orders?

Our Beef Boxes represent our most popular curated combinations of cuts, roasts, and burger. When we started shipping beef to our customers they had a lot of feedback and requests, so we built these boxes to meet anyone’s needs! Our bulk order Rancher’s Reserve Boxes are for our customers who want to stock up for long portions of the year and are shipped in our eco-friendly, reusable containers. These larger orders are available in sizes ranging from about 48 lbs. to 200 lbs., with a mix of approximately 50% ground beef, 20% premium steaks and 30% other steaks, roasts and miscellaneous cuts.

Can customers order a la carte?

We can and do build a la carte beef orders for our customers that want to go that route! We ask that any custom order be sent to [email protected] at least two weeks ahead of the time you’d like your beef to be delivered. Popularity of certain cuts can vary season to season, so customization of orders can be limited by product availability. Reach out and let us know what’d you’d like to try!

Which box should I try first?

We have something for every occasion, kitchen, and taste! If you’re having a big cookout, our Griller Box has all the steak and burger you need to make it amazing. Working in a smaller kitchen or find yourself always on the move? The Comfort Cooking Box, with its roast, burger, and short ribs, is perfect for slow cooker cooking and quick stir fry meals in the pan. Celebrating something special? Grab our Steak Lover’s Box and give everyone at the table an entire night to remember!


How is my order packed for its trip to my home?
Every order is shipped with the current season and the distance the order must travel in mind. We use specially designed cold packs that will keep the meat cold through three days of travel, and if we expect outside temperatures to be hot we include another layer of insulation to ensure a high-quality product arrives at your door.

When shipping labels are generated you will receive an automatic email with tracking information.

Do I need to be home when my order arrives?
The packaging your order comes in should keep your meat safe and cold until you arrive home on the same day it arrives. Once you bring your order inside, promptly move all your beef to the freezer, or if you plan on cooking right away put those selected cuts into the refrigerator to begin thawing.
Will my order arrive cold?
Our packaging has been tested and can be expected to keep your order cold for three days. When your order arrives, part of the order may be unfrozen but still cold to the touch. As long as the meat is below 40° it is safe to cook or refreeze. Refreezing beef will not have any effect on the quality of the meat for future meals.
How should I prepare to receive my order?
You’ve probably got a few meal ideas in mind, so whatever you’re planning on cooking during the next few days can go into your refrigerator to begin thawing out. Everything else should go into the freezer, so make sure you’ve got enough room for 10-15 lbs of Colorado Craft Beef!
When do boxed beef orders ship?

We ship Monday of each week with an expected delivery of Wednesday or Thursday of the current week depending on shipping zones. If you have placed an order by 12:00PM MST on Saturday of the current week, it will be shipped that week.

When shipping labels are generated you will receive an automatic email with tracking information.

How does shipping work?
Shipping is a flat fee of $10 for any Summer Sausage or Merchandise item and $15 for standard boxes and bulk boxes. Free shipping is available for bulk half shares within the local delivery radius. Deliveries of bulk half shares outside the radius will have a $100 shipping fee added.
Other questions?

Transparency is important to us. Please reach out to us with any other questions you may have.


Where do your cattle come from?

We source all our cattle from local partners. This way we know exactly where our product comes from and how it was raised. All stages of producing Colorado Craft Beef happen right here in Colorado.

Do you use growth hormones?

We do not.

Are your products gluten-free?

All of our beef products are naturally gluten-free.

Is your beef grass-fed?
Yes. Most all beef is grass-fed for a high percentage of it’s life. Cows are ruminants that gives them a special super power of turning grasses into a high quality protein.
What steps are taken to keep your cattle healthy?
Our co-founder works closely with our veterinarian and cow-calf operators to tailor health protocols specific for our cattle.