If a small group would like to get together and purchase a whole beef, would it be more economical, and can you separate it between them?

Yes, it would be more economical, and yes, it can be separated. Once the beef is purchased, we will work with a contact person to divide the beef exactly how the group wants it.

How will my beef be packaged?

Each cut of beef comes boxed, hand-cut and individually vacuum-packed. We will work closely with you to ensure the beef cuts that you receive best suit you and your family.

Will all cuts be the same size?

No. Each individual cut of beef varies in size as each one is hand-cut. Our premium steak packages typically come with 2 steaks in each package and weigh ~0.90-1.5 lbs total. Our secondary steak cuts come one to a package and weigh ~1-3 lbs. Our standard ground beef packages are individually vacuum packed in 1 lb packages. Our standard roast sizes vary from 1.5-2.5 lbs.

When do boxed beef orders ship?

We ship either Monday or Tuesday of each week with an expected delivery of Wednesday or Thursday of the current week depending on shipping zones. If you have placed an order by 12:00PM MST on Sunday of the current week, it will be shipped that week.

Do grass-fed and craft beef take different amounts of time to arrive at a finishing weight?

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef does takes longer than craft to arrive at a finishing weight and contains less total meat due to its diet. Grass-fed, grass-finished comes off pasture around July or August. Grass-fed, craft-finished is generally available year round depending on our currently supply.

Where do your cattle come from?

We source all our cattle from local partners. This way we know exactly where our product comes from and how it was raised. All stages of producing Colorado Craft Beef happen right here in Colorado.

Do you use growth hormones?

We do not.

Do you use antibiotics?

We are stewards of our animals, the environment and antibiotics for animal use. If an animal becomes sick, we do treat the animal but at that time they will be removed from our program.

Other questions?

Transparency is important to us. Please reach out to us with any other questions you may have.

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