Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response
As our current environment evolves and shifts with the unforeseen situation, Colorado Craft Beef remains heartened by the unwavering willingness of our communities to rise to the occasion. We also remain committed to our mission of providing the highest quality Colorado beef to our valued customers, both longstanding and recent, in the safe and expedient manner that we have always upheld in a time when certainty and security are more important than ever.
As we continue to shift our production and delivery methods to accommodate orders to the best of our ability, rest assured that Colorado Craft Beef remains steadfast in our transparency with consumers on how we are protecting our CCB community with several updates.
Packing plant closures:
Due to recent developments within the beef industry – both in the United States and Colorado specifically – we would like to personally address any concerns that our patrons may have. Out of regard for workers’ well-being, several meat processing plants have temporarily shut their doors and halted production until the current situation comes under control. While we empathize with those producers and wish for their speedy return to stability, rest assured that none of these closures have affected Colorado Craft Beef. As a family-run producer of quality beef, we employ the more individual services of smaller processors who remain open and operational.
Acceleration of production:
We are currently working towards increasing both our rate and volume of production as in order to meet the heightened demand for fresh beef. Rest assured that while doing so, there will be no compromise made towards safety procedures nor measurements of quality. We are continuing to work with our network of professional couriers to ensure your no-contact deliveries stay dependable and consistent. Providing you with the freshest and most delicious beef for mealtime is a responsibility we take seriously and will continue to craft each of your orders with the utmost care.
Bulk orders:
Fulfilling bulk orders remains a continuous mission of Colorado Craft Beef and we are working diligently towards maintaining the completion of such orders while staying mindful of the needs of each our valued customers. We appreciate the understanding of our recent bulk order clients in the temporary division of orders into several smaller shipments in order to ensure all customers are able to provide for their families in this time of uncertainty. We will continue to stand with our loyal patrons by maintaining the responsibility of any additional shipping costs incurred as a result of multiple deliveries.
We’re here to help:
In times like these, having access to fresh food and the assurance of its accessibility is more important than ever. We will continue to deliver healthy and delicious beef to you and to our local communities.
And while we can’t predict the developments of the coming weeks, Colorado Craft Beef will remain wholly dedicated to helping you make the most of your time around the dinner table. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or by phone (970) 573-6688.
There is nothing more powerful or resilient than our amazing community—we want to thank you for showing your love and being a part of Colorado Craft Beef. Stay well.
-Jeff & Kara Smith

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