What to Know About Buying Beef in Bulk

What to Know About Buying Beef in Bulk
We at Colorado Craft Beef are dedicated to both our bulk and boxed beef customers and are here to go beyond the mere fulfillment of their orders. We are also here to help you be the most informed consumer possible, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction with both the quality and quantity of CCB beef that is delivered to your door. For those of you who may be interested in purchasing your beef in bulk, here are some factors to consider.


Take note of how much space you have available for storage. Large amounts of beef will take up large amounts of space, so be sure you have the appropriate capacity. Keep in mind that a whole beef share will contain around 400 lbs. Chest freezers are a great option for this and can afford you a decent amount of flexibility. Having generous freezer space makes buying in bulk a superb choice. With viable space not a factor, buying by the whole animal will allow you the most bang for your buck while assuring you never risk running out of superior, delicious beef.
Do not worry if this is not an option for you though; your standard kitchen freezer will still have certain possibilities. Examine how much frozen food you keep on hand at any given time and look into whether you can set aside an area for beef – perhaps by pulling back on other frozen items that are more readily available fresh or are used on a more rare occurrence. Obviously, this will not allow you space for an entire animal’s worth of beef, but we have opportunities available to take advantage of this.

Delivery over time

Colorado Craft Beef is committed to being the best partner we can in your family’s nutritional needs, and as a part of that mission, we provide several options for the best delivery schedule for you in order to keep your freezer full. One such possibility is the distribution of your order over an extended period rather than at once, with your beef arriving in several deliveries. In order to maximize the efficiency of our shipping, these deliveries are preferably between 25 and 30 pounds.

Eco-friendly shipping

We keep more than just shipping efficiency in mind when in comes to how we get our beef to your door. Colorado Craft Beef uses only the best shipping materials to ensure the integrity of the product while staying eco-friendly. As stewards of the land in all aspects of our life, this is a mission that is near to our hearts. By packaging our product in Liviri boxes, we eliminate all cardboard and ice pack waste, while increasing the security of the product inside with aerospace-grade thermal protection in a container better designed to withstand the strains of transport. And all Liviri boxes are reusable, guaranteeing an ideal delivery every time.

Beef shares

If you are still wondering about your ability to buy beef in bulk, you may also consider a cow share with a few friends or neighbors. By dividing up the cost and cuts of meat between several households, you can cut down on the amount you pay for your order as well as your need for freezer space without having to give up the satisfaction of ranch raised beef. Don’t have anyone in mind to share with? We can do the work for you and have options for purchasing only a certain percentage of an animal, rather than the whole, and advise you as to which option is the best for you based on your storing opportunities.
CCB offers half, quarter, and space saver shares, which will pare down the amount of beef purchased, while still providing a variety of cuts and products, both ground and steak. The spatial requirements for each share will range from approximately 50 pounds of beef taking up between two to three cubic feet (space saver) to around 200 pounds of beef that will occupy between eight and ten cubic feet (half share), with the quarter share falling roughly halfway in between.
Keep in mind though, that the smaller of a share you purchase, the more difficult it becomes to customize. Half shares will offer greater opportunities to tailor while space saving shares become more concrete in the cuts available. All orders will generally consist of 50 percent of the pounds ordered as ground, 20 percent as premium steaks, and 30 percent as secondary steaks, roasts, and other cuts.

Local delivery

Our community is growing every day and we are committed to growing with them. We are working on extending our reach to as many as possible and can offer delivery to anywhere within 200 miles of our ranch to bring the best of Colorado beef to as many consumers possible. Rest assured that whatever limitations you may have seen as preventing you from buying beef from a local source, we can help you overcome them. Let us feed your family, by becoming a part of ours and visit our beef page for a rundown of how we operate.

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